Introducing Peico Link Shortener API ⚡

I am hereby to present you the Peico link shortener API which can shorten Big URLs in just milliseconds :wink:

Visit the link shortener at:

Different from others?

To use the service, you don’t need an API key, and with Unlimited requests until our database gets full :smile:

Security :lock:

We do care about safeness while browsing, every Peico link that you click is checked or verified as secure by Google’s Safe Browsing Systems :wink:

Speed :zap:

It’s super-fast, under to 450 ms request handling speed!

Limit & Protection :heavy_check_mark:

Our current database has the capacity of 10,000,000 (ten million) to store the shorted links. There is a limit however to requests every hour of 2500 requests per IP. This is only to prevent DDOS attacks on our systems.

Paid Plan

We’re working on a paid plan which costs 1 USD / month which includes the below features:

  • Custom Short Links or Branded URLs
  • Private Analytics
  • Dashboard
  • Full support to the issue you’re facing

We just have paid plans to pay for the servers, the website, and the database. We believe it is a fair price to be 1 USD :blush:


It’s simple to implement.<TARGET_SITE>

All you need to do is to do get a request to the above URL. The url parameter is the target link. It must be a full URL starting from https:// or http://.

The response will contain the shortened tag. You could go to and you’ll be redirected to the original website :wink:

We were developing this service for months and finally it’s here… :grin:


You can check out the status at

Our servers are active most of the time. Unfortunately, we’re facing technical difficulties recently. You may also see a bit of downtime which we’ll fix it right away when it happens.

Our backend is based on Redis and Nodejs, we are hosted on, thanks to them we are able to provide this service for free :blush:

Peico’s is closed source as of now. However, if you’re interested to check out our old source then follow up these links:

​GitHub - Peico | AppInventor community - Making an URL shortener

Front-end developer for the Peico project


Amazing project !

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Really a nice shortner, after Google shorter. With high speed also. :heart:

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Thanks for the review Harsha:smile:

If you face any issue, then let me know :blush:


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Nice You Can Check This Link:

Ahh nice :grin:

Some sites are experiencing down time currently.

Hi, the site isn’t working nor the api is working???

Yes, it’s down, you can deploy your own web from the old open source

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