Introducing Stepped-Staging Releases!

Dear Koders,

We know you love Kodular, and we also know you are always eagerly waiting for new releases of our platform (we also don’t actually :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
Apps made with Kodular are being used by more than 10 million active users each month, and we have to keep our platform updated in order to satisfy them
Nobody likes waiting, and we don’t like to wait months to release components which have been developed since time ago

This is the reason why today we introduce a little change in our release system: the stepped-stagging releases :tada:
This new kind of releases adds a new character to the version naming system: X.YL.Z (the L is new)
As you knew, we rarely bump X as it’s only for big-big-big changes; Y is bumped when new components are released; and Z is increased when only bug fixes are released
But this new character (which is a letter, not a number) “allows” us to release new components without having to bump Y (so we will only increase it when lots of new components are added) and without adding them in Z
So, changes in L means that we added some kind of “experimental” components and features to the Creator, but which doesn’t represent a big change in utilities as in Y

We hope you like this new way of making releases, as it might mean we release new components/block more often :wink:
Let’s enjoy Kodular Creator 1.3B.0 :smile:

Happy Koding,
:kodular: @Kodular Staff


We are waiting for update


By the way, if you are wondering where is this version, it’s not live yet
It will be released today, but not yet


Waiting for this update


Thats good


Que lindo. Kodular nos consiente.:heart_decoration:


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