Introduction of my app, Fol Low, and doubt about in-app billing

Hi everyone! Today I want to show you Fol Low, my app developed with Kodular.

Fol Low is a brick breaker game, in which the gamer has to destroy a wall of blue blocks as quickly as possible to get the highest score.

Furthermore, to increase his own score, the gamer can buy a virtual currency, the Marks, whose value will be added to the final score.

The game’s peculiarity consists in a leaderboard in which, beside the gamer name, also appears an image uploaded by him. If you click on a name, the image appear full screen, so that the gamer could, for example, do self-promotion.

The app is available in beta test version here:

Now, testing the app, I noticed that there might be an issue with the Marks purchasing.

In fact, I tried to purchase some coins from my smartphone, but with no success, and I don’t know whether this is due to the recent problems I have with my service provider (I live in Italy, a third world country), or this is due to my coding errors.

Just in case, I attach my in-app billing blocks, so that you can check for mistakes I haven’t noticed.

Thank you very much!

You can’t buy your own products, Google forces you to pay with test card if you try to buy your own product. Try with another account which is not belongs to you.


Thank you for your clarification, but I have another question: is it normal that, when I click the purchase button, nothing happen? Not even a warning?

Actually it should display Google’s Payment Dialog even you are the app owner or not.

So why it doesn’t appear? I made some mistakes or what?

I have to say seems like a pay2win game. And since not much people know this app, I don’t know why would someone pay to increase his/her score. Also nothing provides this won’t disappear from Play Store some time.

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Well, the idea would be to promote my app as much as possible to increase the number of gamers, but anyway this is my first app developed with Kodular, therefore I consider that little more than an exercise.

Obviously, I hope in the future to develop something more interesting.

(meanwhile, two billions of users will download Fol Low, and I’ll become richer than Jeff Bezos! :sunglasses: )

This game is interesting and good for first app. You may want to approve ads

Another bug

Also your app has the default icon, change it.

It’s weird, it does not report any sort of bug to me, and I’d already made the ads activation request.

I’ll try to do some additional checking.