Invalid Apk error while uploading app to playstore

Whenever i try to upload apk generated on kodular to playstore, it always shows error “invalid apk”. How apk is invalid?

First question is does it give you more errors or just that message? I never had problems with uploading to the Google Playstore. Do you use a custom packagename?

It only says “invalid apk” without elaborating.
I am using default package name

And what if you build and upload it again?

Can you share your apk with us

Already tried, same issue

UCC.apk (9.3 MB)
Microworkers.apk (10.0 MB)

Took a quick look, the only thing I found for now is that you have an extension in your assets however, I don’t know if this is causing the error

Or try searching google

Yes Boban, both contains extension which is used to bring update menu in front of user, this is linked with firebase

Yes, you are using that as installed extension but you literally have aix in your assets, that was what I meant.

So, it should not be there?

Guys, i read it somewhere on web “a valid apk is not development and signed.” . For hit and trial, are our kodular apps are signed and not development by default while exporting?

is this ok?

Guys, issue is fix now, it was because of one extension, i removed it and google accepted apk

And what extension was that?

Which Extension ? :face_with_monocle:

Special Tools Extension

You mean this one

No, that was different and it is still there

Boban, i am facing same issue again with another app. And it was resolved by removing it from assets. Is it so, i am placing extension at wrong place?