Invalid FireBase Path: Firebase paths must not contain :@#

Hey Makeroid Buddies, I am in trouble and facing an fire base error when user submit there email or phone no. ERROR: Invalid FireBase Path: Firebase paths must not contain :@#


Can you show me your blocks, please?


Because you can’t set as tag a string containing that characters…

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Please stop spamming the forum with the same topic. I added your image to this one.


Sorry peter for that,my intention was not to spam the forum,i was not able to reply through that id with my image so i think that creating a new post with image including will be better,I am sorry for that.And still waiting for my answer to get resolved.If you can help,please tell me the solution of the problem

I have attached the image of blocks can you please go through it…


Has the answer for you i guess.

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I am a beginner, i have done it all by watching youtube video,i even what dont know what string means here, If you can suggest edits in those blocks to get resolved then that will be great:slight_smile:

you can split the invalid values

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its firebase path error… it not contaims special charecters like @ and # …

please give solution for this problem i am facing this too

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welcome, you cannot save tag containing @*.- or any special character like these only english number and _ allowed, for example if you try to set any email as tag , then you will get this error


you can use this to change characters that cannot be used for something that can be used