Invalid firebase path

Hello Moderator I’m facing an issue which I have try to solve it out but thing look the same, I always find solutions here that is why I need solutions, this topic as been discussed before but the solution is not working for me

If I want to sign up on App it’s will say invalid Firebase Path but if I checked my Firebase authentication I always find details of email Records on Authentication but is not successful on App. Please what can I do

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You can’t use special characters with text as tag…

Please can you explain more about I can’t use tag with text, where can I find that . Please so I can check

From the above screenshot tell me what you are using as tag…

These special characters are not allow in the tag and project bucket.


BTW earning apps are not allow.

Okay Thanks so much everyone I found character in the email address I use @ But if I don’t use it it will say the email is invalid what can I use to replace it. Thanks

That means I should check Block and remove all the characters in all the block example users/ I should delete the slash/ character?

I’m sorry you may use the @ but no dot(.)

slash/ will add a sub child.

Thanks for your assistance but if I don’t use dot (.) it show me invalid email from where can I correct this and I have check the Block there is no character but in google Json file I found the Close bracket there hope it will not be the cause of the error. Thanks

Sign-in for auth is different and you have to use a valid email.
On the other hand, project bucket and tag doesn’t allow the special characters.

A kind reminder before you waste your time and get your account suspended by Kodular and Google.

Okay Thanks for your assistance