Inventory error while loading AdMob ads

Hi Guys

i am getting a weird error from admod they say that the request was successful but was unable to load due to lack of add inventory… what should i do?

You should ask google or search on google.

ouky so its a know issue so just wait lol :rofl::joy:

Same Problem for me also… i got this issue two days back still ads not showing.

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This is BUG “request was successful but was unable to load due to lack of add inventory”
Iam used same ad units in another app in appybuilder… its working.


stop posting duplicate

Its Bug Bro… That Why iam Posting Clearly

did you search???

yes brother

then you must know that it is not bug

your error says it all, lack of ad inventory mean that google is not having any ad for your app that time

bro it is really a bug because oneof my friend also faced this issue on kodular his app is showing ad when made from appy builder or appinventro even without uploading it on playstore. but on kodular it wasn’t showing. ( ps: his app was approved)

bro 5 apps approved kodular yesterday all apps showing this message… thats why i tried same ad codes in appybuilder platform its ads are showing in appy builder app

kodular use an extra security layer for your admob and i dont think other builder does that,
its just for your account security

Yes bro its bug iam also explaining samething… also guys are saying searching on google… its waste of time after kodular update this problem is occured.

What Security Bro Ads are not showing… no more security bro… kodular also faced problem kodular admob disable… thats why they implemented commision

that’s the reason my friend migrated from kodular to other builder but i love to work on kodular.

kodular account got blocked because some user violated the policies and apps account, admob approval system is to counter that problem and save your account too

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me to thats why iam showing bugs.