Invitation to the beta version of my application (Tolkie)๐Ÿš€

Hello everyone :wave:
Today I invite you all to check out the beta version of Tolkie - the app I builtanimation_500_kk58nqh2

If you are not yet familiar with the application look here ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tolkie is a virtual assistant, and what is special about her is that anyone can add questions to her global vocabulary and thus enrich her knowledge.
In addition, Tolkie has several designs so that everyone can choose their favorite design.

In emoji design Tolkie has 21 facial expressions so Tolkie can express her feelings like no other virtual assistant can (by the way, the beta version has 21 facial expressions and the public version has 20 facial expressions).

Anyway I need your help because Iโ€™ve been working for several months on a huge update to Tolkieโ€™s English vocabulary, now the vocabulary is written in Java script (before that the vocabulary was programmed using blocks - which added a huge amount of blocks to the workspace and was also inconvenient to update And to translate
And lots of other disadvantages โ€ฆ)

In addition to all this, I added to Tolkie in the new vocabulary a lot of new abilities such as: dialing contacts, translating sentences, calculating simple mathematical exercises (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), currency conversion, turning the flashlight on and off, increasing and decreasing the volume, receiving Information about the amount of battery percentage left in the device, changing the theme (light or dark) and more โ€ฆ
In addition to all this I also improved the existing abilities she had.

So as you understand, Tolkieโ€™s vocabulary has undergo ne a very significant update and I would be very happy if you could check the questions I mentioned and also check the correctness of the text (after all, English is not my native language :sweat_smile:)
Any problem you find can be very helpful

Download the beta versionanimation_500_kf6v7n8j
Version 1
Version 2
Final version

Fun testanimation_500_kfcnpzo8


A nice app! Here are some suggestions / bugs that you might consider in upcoming updates

  1. In the intro screen related to entering nickname, there is no need to keep a long hint in the text box. Instead you can something short like โ€˜Your nicknameโ€™ as a hint. Screenshot :point_down:

  1. After dismissing the dialogue related to welcoming beta testers, a black layer appears on the screen and further clicks are not recognised on some some parts of the screen.
    However it got dismissed when I clicked on the emoji(depends on design) :point_down:

  1. Donโ€™t allow blank input while entering nickname :point_down:

  1. A thin seperator between each of your design option will look good I think :point_down:

  1. The snackbar doesnโ€™t match the rest of the theme :point_down:

  1. The response after some actions maybe changed. For example after taking screenshot it says โ€œNo problemโ€. Instead this response should be something related to the screenshot taken so that the user remains in the loop of the recent action taken

  2. In the settings screen after clicking options like Customise or Response and input, a snackbar displaying โ€˜Saved!โ€™ appears in the following screen without performing any prior action. This looks wiered :point_down:

I will keep on testing further in my free time to see if I can find more bugs or help you with any suggestions.


your app is great!!! @Point and as @Vaibhav mentioned hope you will add it in the next update


Small suggestion, you could make Tolkie do some math.

If you need help

I have already made a BODMAS Calculator using AI2 I could send it to you if you have any difficulty.


Thank you very much for the detailed answer! I updated the test file, now the bids: 1, 2,3 are placed in this file.

I actually think there is no problem with this because you are aware of the question you asked and Tolkie only confirms it (think of a conversation between people- do a screenshot- no problem)

I approve of adding an empty nickname because not everyone wants to enter their name and I do not want to force anyone (if the name is empty the name will be: Nameless). Anyway in the new version I have added an alert that will explain this if the nickname is blank.

I added separation lines but it does not look so good

I actually think it matches the design, do you have another suggestion for what it should look like?

I am aware of this problem, I need to do a more extensive investigation on it.

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Tolkie can already calculate math exercises in the beta version


Ohh, sorry sorry to bother you then.

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May I join ???

of course! This is an open beta version

You animated those emojis?

The application crashes frequently when :point_down:

  1. Click on Add question icon

  2. Logout the current user by tapping on the user icon

  3. Return to home by clicking the home icon (here the app hangs sometimes for some seconds

  4. Again go to Add question by clicking the icon

  5. Click on login or register button 1 time

  6. Then click the user/profile icon. Check if the app crashes or not

The second bug is that after clicking the instruction icon, the instruction are loaded.
Now when we click devicesโ€™ back button a blank screen is displayed(maybe because you may have used webview and that webview is going blank on backpress)

Can you film the screen (I could not make it happen)

as you said, this is normal behavior of the internet component I will try to fix it in the next updates.

Hello, I just finished working on the final version, I uploaded the update to the store but I would still be happy if you could check if there are any issues.

By the way today is Tolkieโ€™s birthdayanimation_500_kk58nqh2


I found the problem, it will be fixed in the next public version :rocket:

If anyone is interested in translating the new vocabulary into another language and has a basic knowledge of Javascript I would be very happy if you could contact meโ€‹:smiley:

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Is the vocabulary in JSON?

The vocabulary is written in Javascript


hey can you please provide the aia for tolkie

Tolkie is a private and business project, therefore I will not share the aia file of the project.


ok no problem

like i am also making a voice assistant would you help me in that plz