Invoke: no method named `LoadImageInArrangement' in class java.lang.Boolean

It as working fine but after i refresh my browser its showing error and not loading any images that is supposed to load after the screen open. Is this extension problem or block> Please help
here is how i used this extension

Check in APK

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App is automatically closing after screen 1 loads…
You can see on the video.

@webcomments7 , Are you using other extensions? If yes then post them here.

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Yes i have used multiple extension
Take a look at it…

Remove the Custom Download and Photo view extension from your project then try if it works then you can migrate your extension to new libraries.

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also that devimage loader. That two extensions need to recast it

Why So?? The extension does not uses support libraries. And I heard by one koder that deep host custom download is not working it need migration. That why I said him to remove and then recast.

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