"invoke: no method named `ReadFrom' in class java.lang.Boolean" Runtime Error

Hello Everyone I Started A New Project Yesterday And Coded For About 2 Hours NonStop
Everything Was Working Then Suddenly When I Wanted To Test The App With My Phone(5th time) It Gave me this error,but the same code worked before it gave me the error.
Anyone Know How To Fix This?

Your question doesn’t give us any help. Can you give us a screenshot of the error?


I Think The Error Has To Do With This Block.

You can test stuff out by using the companion. Right click on any block while the companion is open and click on “Do It”.

Hello Kendell,

Thanks For Trying To Help Me But I Was Able To Reslove The Problem
By Deleting That Screen,and using the same code on another screen.

I Will Say That The Issue I Reported Is Probably A Bug .

Thank You,

If you fixed it, consider closing your topic and making a new one in the Bugs category.