Is a password necessary for in-app login system

I’m making a quiz game and a register/login system is a must so I was wondering isn’t the user’s Gmail enough for registration?

I’ll be using the Google Account Picker so in order for someone to use an email address and access the linked game account they’ll have to be logged into that email on their device.

I am using a custom TinyWebDB and because it is not the safest option out there I’d rather not put sensitive user data in it. That’s why I’m trying to avoid using passwords.

Therefore my question is: is a password really necessary? If it is then will encrypting it with hash and salt make it more secure in case someone gets access to the database and consequently to the passwords?

Password is not necessary bro.
U can use Firebase for gmail login system / you also use OTP system for login.

For now Firebase is not an option. Their plan is very expensive compared to having a website with my own TinyWebDB. I might migrate there in the future.

Are you sure?

Are you using the blaze plan?