Is all android scratch development are combined

He i see person everywhere
In makeroid thunkable and even appybuilder
and manymore
I am not targeting any person but he is eye caught he helps alot and he replied my many post earlier when i use appybuilder.
I think he is a part of development team but i can only guess

Hi. I really like the concept of App Inventor and all its clones. I like to spend my free time on helping others, test new features and make educational material or tutorials. I am a moderator on 4 forums and yes… Thats why you see me in a lot of places and no… The builders are not combined.


Sorry for the interruption but peter you act very strict .


Makeroid 5000 users on the forum
AppyBuilder 9500 users on the forum
AppInventor 25000 users on the forum

Yes i am very strict. Sometimes i am the evil moderator. :smiling_imp:


Why makeroid only have 5000 users

Because Makeroid is the youngest builder. And the number are users on the forum, not users on the builder.

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