[Is Colliding] block is not returning True when needed

I am using a [Is Colliding] block where when two Image Sprites [Rotation = false] collide with each other will have a particular response. But as I can see, there’s no “True” returned whenever my sprites collide.

Elaborate more and read

I do not think this question needs any more elaboration. Do tell me if you individually require any proof.
I’m just asking whether the block is working or not. If you don’t have much knowledge about the Drawing and Animation components, please don’t consider my question incomplete.
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But always attach your blocks it will help us to see what wrong are you doing

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Read this first and then come back with your question:


Here are the blocks :-


This is the reason why I told you guys that there ain’t any need of showing blocks. I am just asking whether it’s working or not. As in my case it’s not.

Also, I already know how to ask a question. Example :arrow_down:

Of course, that was necessary, as can now be seen. Because you need an event to get true.
If the button is pressed, it will almost certainly be false ("Not Verified).


Or is it a game in which the reactivity is tested by pressing a button?
As I said, also explain the purpose / goal of your app.


Basically, you have to touch or overlap both the sprites upon each other and click on the button.

Do what @bodymindpower told you and set a variable to true. Also use the NoLongerColliding event to set that variable to false. When the button is clicked, check the status of that variable. And always post your blocks! :grinning::+1:


Alright! :+1:

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