How to determine Right and Bottom Padding of a component or a sprite?

I’ve been using the amazing showcase extension created by @Jerin_Jacob.

It has a function to introduce anywhere. To introduce (highlight) any portion of the app, we need the Right and Bottom Padding of that particular object.


May I please know, how to determine the Right and Bottom Padding of a particular component or a sprite?

Why not ask the developer who has created it? :thinking:

Padding is a basic term and is not developed by the creator of the extension. This question can be answered by anyone who is familiar with the term ‘Padding’.

By the way, the developer answered that he’s unaware of a perfect way to determine padding.

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Anyone’s there who can help? :pray:

For what is the extension used?

If you just give a little more attention to my first post, I’ve already mentioned that.

It depends on the size of the component you are using and that determines the exact padding so it’s a trial and error method which you need to try on your own