[PAID] Extension Introduction(showcase extension)

Extension Introduction


1. About

  • Using this extension, you can introduce your app features beautifully.
  • This is a showcase/feature discovery extension.


Methods, Properties, and Events


★ Basic Introducer


★ Introduce anywhere


  • By using padding-bottom and padding right, set where the introduce want to appear.

★ Cancel Introducer



  • using properties you can customize the appearance of the introducer.



IntroducerDimColor: Dim background with 30% transparency of specified color.

IntroducerExtraIcon: Set new icon for the target, see preview video.

IntroducerTargetRadius: Radius of inner small circle.



3.Sample Blocks


  • A sequential introducer


4.Preview Video

5. Buy Now

Instant Buy - $5

Paypal - $5 (Contact after payment with screenshot and your mail id)

Paytm - Rs300/- (Contact after payment with screenshot and yourmobile number)

If you can’t pay through the above methods contact me privately.

6.Report and Suggest

  • Don’t forget to post your suggestions, bugs, errors and new improvements to this extension.

this is what i want. i will buy this

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This is exactly what i need !
Thanks ! I will surely buy it for PhoneMaker when I’m back from vacation

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Good work :heart_eyes:

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paid through instant buy twice and the .aix isn’t there…

order number


Sorry for the trouble,
Fixed it.
Thanks @Superpoints ,
For mentioned it.

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why this?

Hi @David,

"Another possibility would be that the receiver's PayPal account has had a limitation placed on it. This can happen from time to time for various reasons."

Please try again.

could you give me another paypal account to pay?

Thank you, do you by chance know how I can introduce the options menu and the titlebar icon?

Since they are not components, you can only make it possible using introduce by xy method.

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Can you please provide an .apk file having this extension so that i can see and then buy it.

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Unfortunately I can’t, because of security problems.


Can you please PM me. As i can only buy this after seeing it. Also trust me i will not share that .apk file. Please @Jerin_Jacob

There is already a component (Spotlight) in Makeroid. did you have tried it?

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Makeroid has this component in New update Butterfly Its Good

Makeroid doesn’t have this extension, it looks different.
But Makeroid has a similar component.


Yeah but the working of Makeroid and this paid work same

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can you give test apk?

Already answered. Read the topic.

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