[PAID] Extension Introduction(showcase extension)


(Jerin Jacob) #1

Extension Introduction


1. About

  • Using this extension, you can introduce your app features beautifully.
  • This is a showcase/feature discovery extension.


Methods, Properties, and Events


★ Basic Introducer


★ Introduce anywhere


  • By using padding-bottom and padding right, set where the introduce want to appear.

★ Cancel Introducer



  • using properties you can customize the appearance of the introducer.



IntroducerDimColor: Dim background with 30% transparency of specified color.

IntroducerExtraIcon: Set new icon for the target, see preview video.

IntroducerTargetRadius: Radius of inner small circle.



3.Sample Blocks


  • A sequential introducer


4.Preview Video

5. Buy Now

Instant Buy - $5

Paypal - $5 (Contact after payment with screenshot and your mail id)

Paytm - Rs300/- (Contact after payment with screenshot and yourmobile number)

If you can’t pay through the above methods contact me privately.

6.Report and Suggest

  • Don’t forget to post your suggestions, bugs, errors and new improvements to this extension.

Maker Champs
Another type of showcase
(David Ningthoujam) #2

this is what i want. i will buy this

(Franck G) #3

This is exactly what i need !
Thanks ! I will surely buy it for PhoneMaker when I’m back from vacation

(MRB) #4

Good work :heart_eyes:

(Superpoints App) #6


paid through instant buy twice and the .aix isn’t there…

order number


(Jerin Jacob) #7

Sorry for the trouble,
Fixed it.
Thanks @Superpoints ,
For mentioned it.

(David Ningthoujam) #8

why this?

(Jerin Jacob) #9

Hi @David,

"Another possibility would be that the receiver's PayPal account has had a limitation placed on it. This can happen from time to time for various reasons."

Please try again.

(David Ningthoujam) #10

could you give me another paypal account to pay?

(Superpoints App) #11

Thank you, do you by chance know how I can introduce the options menu and the titlebar icon?

(Jerin Jacob) #12

Since they are not components, you can only make it possible using introduce by xy method.


Can you please provide an .apk file having this extension so that i can see and then buy it.

(Jerin Jacob) #14

Unfortunately I can’t, because of security problems.


Can you please PM me. As i can only buy this after seeing it. Also trust me i will not share that .apk file. Please @Jerin_Jacob

(David Ningthoujam) #16

There is already a component (Spotlight) in Makeroid. did you have tried it?

(Abhishek kumar) #17

Makeroid has this component in New update Butterfly Its Good

(Jerin Jacob) #18

Makeroid doesn’t have this extension, it looks different.
But Makeroid has a similar component.

(Abhishek kumar) #19

Yeah but the working of Makeroid and this paid work same

(Akash Chetry) #20

can you give test apk?


Already answered. Read the topic.