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I’m Jerin Jacob, I make extensions and love to program and currently building

What is getaix extension marketplace :earth_asia: ?

There are lots of extension from developers around the world spread over in different communities, and some times its hard to find a prefect extension for your project.

Extension marketplace brings all the extension into single platform and can only published by the developer.


Extension page

Getaix for users :arrow_down:

  • Users can search for published extension in single platform
  • Download previous versions of your favourite extension
  • Found a fraud? Report the extension
  • Show your reaction

Getaix for developers beta

For developers getaix.com makes extension management easy.

  • Upload different versions of extension with changelog

  • Rich editor for documentation writing

  • Automatic documentation generator for your extension

  • Save to draft

  • And a dashboard

Read more in about section

Check out some published extension

Feedback and improvement

I’m excited :smiley: to know your feedback and feel free share your thoughts

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Made with :heart: in in

Thank You
Jerin Jacob


Good job. But why you didn’t create new extension?

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Where is This section ?

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To become a publisher , login and apply for beta


Please fix this bugs

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Which browser you use?

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Chrome :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

Very nice design, my congratulations.

Note: It would be interesting to post some screenshots to see how it worked before.


Happy to hear that :man_dancing:

I updated post with some preview images.

Thank you
Jerin Jacob

Nice work @Jerin_Jacob

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Excellent, nice work!!! It is a great idea.
Could you add a examples section to see how we can implement the extension? It is a suggestion. May be images or videos.

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Only works in laptop not in mobile

It supports on all devices , it’s responsive.

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