Can you give me some choices to make aix extension

Can you give me some choices to make aix extension

  1. Niotron IDE. No installation, but I don’t really recommend it because a lot of features, such as helper blocks and assets, are not supported, but good for a beginner. It’s here:

  2. Extensions template. Requires the installation of both Java and Apache Ant. Supports helper blocks, multiple Java files, and all essential features.

  3. Rush. Supports the Kotlin language, less annotations, and Java 8 features in libraries.

and 4. use the App Inventor sources

See the App Inventor Extensions document to get an overview of App Inventor Extensions. For extension developers, also the document App Inventor Annotations, Adding Helper Blocks to a Component and How to add a Dropdown Block to a Component might be helpful.


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i am not saying this i am saying that give some extension name

which is easy to make

There are a lot of examples in the forum; search for more. You can start with reading the Android Developers documentation and finding classes which are easy to implement.

Nearly every simple extension idea that you can think of is occupied already.

The most amazing thing is that Taifun hasn’t made Admob’s extension yet though he is supposed to be Expert in innovent so many extentions.

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i am also making it but it is not easier that you are thinking

As you may know, a lot of extension developers like me keep a distance away from monetization. We focus on education over monetization.


Purpose of education is fine in its place, but you can create it for helping others by doing a small work of few hours, never doubt, helping others is more than education.

at the end, Education teachs to serve as well.