Is community not secure?

While browsing community I saw a alert icon in searchbar which leads to this:

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May be we can search about post without login…
That’s why we get that message…

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Because some images are stored on an http server instead of the new https. By the way, it works very well for me.

I found the issue.
It was because of my ISP.
As you can see in above screenshot I am using WiFi of Jio and it shows alert but when I use Internet of Vodafone it works fine.
It seems to be a issue with Discourse :thinking:

I am also using Jio WiFi but my connection is secured.

Works fine for me!!!

I don’t know why it was not working before but now it works fine:

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There are many factors that can cause this

An example as @Mateja said could be that some images were loaded using HTTP

Although there are other factors such as CSS and JS resources that could be external and are being loaded via HTTP, but I have a feeling that the request should be blocked even before making it, I am 99% sure that Kodular Community has the option “Force SSL” activated because it is a requirement to activate SSO :thinking:


Oh no…:sob:
@Yasir_Shakoor is editing his posts frequently :sweat:
I am going to mute him again :sweat_smile:

No, i didn’t edited… It’s a old bug
You are well aware about that.

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