Is Device Id Of All Same Phone Is Different

I Want To Store Registration information
With device
So If Any One Have Same Phone Like Ooop F9 pro And My Second User Also Have Same Phone Then Is The Device ID Of Both Is Same Or Different

I think you mean IMEI, if you mean IMEI, it will be different in all devices. Because IMEI is a code that allows the SIM card to be read on devices. If one devices loses its IMEI, it won’t read SIM cards anymore. (So no calls, SMS, mobile data etc.) So IMEI needs to private. If you need IMEI for your app, just, don’t get device IMEI. Please consider using random numbers or something.


I think you are using kodular device id component. Then you can use it because every device in the world have its unique id. Even same models.

? If there is no user SIM

IMEI’s always loads to device. Not to SIM. So if user didn’t put any SIM card to phone. You can still get device IMEI.

Also, if you look at your phone box (if you purchased new one) you will see IMEI ticket/sticker on the box. (
If you have device which has removable battery, you can see IMEI from battery slot also. :wink: