Is Facebook Ad network better than Admob?

I have seen many topics asking for facebook AD SDK update
This may mean that Many users use Facebook Ads
Is Facebook ads better than admob?
Is Facebook AD suspension risk is low compared to Admob?

And finally which is the best network? And which is the best currently?

For me Facebook is Better but don’t know about other people opinions on this.

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Facebook is better than admob
Fb ads always have more conversations than admob do
If we talk about revenue
Then yes fb is a leading network in this case too.

Facebook audience network is much better than Admob. I usually have ecpm of 0.50 to 2$.Recently I had an ecpm of 4.63$. This is something you will rarely see in Admob. You can make good money if you have 1-2k imperession.

Can i use Facebook audience network for App that i am not publishing to Playstore?

No, you can’t use Facebook Ads if you’re app isn’t published on Playstore.

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Hlo Sonu Mohammad
In my app I’m using webview
Is it ok for Facebook policies

I don’t know.
I think no because Admob doesn’t allow.
If you are making a browser app, then
Free browser apps actually earn by affiliate links.
They promote shopping websites on the home page with their affiliate links like amazon, flipkart, etc.

yes it is ok . no problum.