Is firebase completely free?

is firebase completely free?

@retasbalik see this

Firebase is free, but not completely free. They have paid ones.

Absolutely not Firebase Pricing see pricing

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I believe MySql is better then firebase unless you require realtime data as its more cheaper and reliable.

Understanding pricing of firebase is something which is to complicated atleast for me so i prefer using mysql.

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is mysql completely free?, I mean Mysql doesn’t use storage limit?

it’s free for a limit usage I like to use it as long as the functions are simple and not too much data is being pulled also they have very cheap hosting for websites and they are very fast for realtime data…

check the end of this page to see and calculate the amount of bandwidth you can use and how much the price will be as you grow:

Mysql is not free, you may get it free from free hostings,
but its very cheap starting from 30rs/pm and have almost no limits