Is Firebase secure for any type of money transaction app?

My ENG is very week!

I am making little betting Application & I used firebase {real-time database } Is secure our not


you mean user’s coin


you might want to take a look at this

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How come you give premission to users to

write_permission #true

your firebase data can be easily modify.

Because this has happened to me too, some user modified my data using my fire Api/Keys. when you decompile apk your FireBase Keys/Api keys are visible to apk editor. (That’s what someone who modified my database told me). And I was surprised to think that how did he do all this but it happened because of allowed of permissions which I later changed


Using airtable to call firebase Url & api
Did you mean
Is it the correct method to secure the firebase data ?

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In my case I use firebase and airtable, in FB I have all the encrypted data and established rules, the app decrypts the data that would be the Airtable credentials, you can do the same in reverse.
I generally don’t use firebase components, only api rest, either for auth or realtime.

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