Is game system emulation possible?

I want to create a SNES emulator, called QuadSNES, however, I just want to check if it is possible. Is it actually possible?

Can you explain in brief?

The main question is: Is game system emulation in a Kodular App possible?

Explain precisely what game emulation is and what is required to make it happen. Then perhaps someone might have an idea.

But how??? How do i explain what I’m trying to do for the first time???

At least explain what it’s do what features come in it.

I think his first message is quite explicit, he wants to know if it is possible to create a game console emulator.

He took as an example the snes, Super Nintendo. It would therefore be necessary to be able to read files such as .snes

There are already a lot of applications of this kind, such as John Ness, or Lemuroid.

However, to answer his question, I have no idea. I think it’s not possible on Kodular, or else you would have to have fairly complete extensions.


You’re acting as if this is common knowledge that everyone should know.

Not at all, I just read what he wrote, he couldn’t describe his question better I think. Do not take what I wrote wrong, I wanted to clarify so that everyone can understand his request.

And I even gave names of similar apps at his request to fully understand how it works.

So, with all these details, do you understand better?

(And I’m sorry if you misunderstood, I use Google translate so it’s possible my sentence didn’t come across as it should have.)

The topic creator said

Not everyone knows what a SNES emulator is. By explaining what this is he could explain his question better.

And his second message is:

So, are you going to continue looking for explanations for a long time or is it good with what I gave you? Because now that you know what it is, you haven’t provided any answers.

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So to finish, and to make it simple, because I too would like to know if it’s possible, is it possible to create an emulator on kodular?

A console emulator is: being able to play console video games, such as super Nintendo, game boy, etc… On your smartphone (or other device)

I’d say it’ll not be worth it. You can make good apps with Kodular but an emulator is probably too much, not saying it is unquestionably not possible.


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