Is in app purchase for subscription is not working?

Google in app purcahse working but in app subscription not working ?

Please Elaborate Your Query.

I am using kodular in app billing extension …

I have used 2 billing method

  1. Is for monthly subscription
  2. Is for purcahsed …

In app billing purcahse is working in test and live both
But in app subscription is only working in test mode .
My subscription id and everything is 100% ok

@Mr_YouTuber_Official as you can see in the image below this inbuilt component is now of no use

So please use this extension

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its not this block error , in app purchase is working but subscription not working overall

What I have said did your read this

So please use this the extension which you can download from the link

Why i use paid extension when same extension is available on kodular for free ?

read this :wink:

i hope you got your answer. i think kodular will update this component in next release :thinking:

So use free but don’t use inbuilt blocks

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Can you show me the blocks f

@Jinx is saying to use any other extension not the inbuilt component
named In App Billing as it has been deprecated !!!

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this is a known bug since January 2020!
see also



@Taifun dose your in app billing subscription method working ?? And what about next update…

Yes of course, everything is working…
Currently there is no update planned…
If there will be an update necessary one day, I will update the extension…


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