In-app billing won't show subscription

After reading a lot of material about in-app billing (like the Taifun documentation about in-app billing examples and Stackoverflow answers about the subject, I still have a question about subscriptions.

Because in-app subscription is not shown in my published app (Play Store).

What have I done so far?

  • Added in-app billing component
  • App is published in open beta (Published mode)
  • App made available for (open) beta testing
  • In Play Console added a subscription, called ‘abo_1jaar’

When using the app, it won’t show the subscription with the id (abo_1jaar). But the subscription id is active in Google Play Console. The app runs in test-mode on Google Play, with the lack of subscriptions.

Should i go to live-mode, instead of test-mode to test it?(Google Play Store)

What have I done wrong?

Screenshot of subscription in Play Store:

Screenshot of Kodular blocks:

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no, but what happens, if you try to subscribe?
also what will be returned from is IAB Service Available?
you might want to add an else part in the if statement to display a warning message as test…

Taifun, I have I have followed your recommendations to find the error, with the following results.

  1. IAB Service Available (if-then-else) : YES
  2. IAB Subscription details for ‘abo_1jaar’ (which is available. I checked that in Play Console) does not show. It reports: No subscriptions available.
  3. When I try to subscribe, it gives me the Google Pay option with: test item and test payment ($0.99).
  4. After subscribing Google Pay says: item is purchased, item is android.test.purchased.
  5. When I check for subscriptions, it says none. (in picture it says in Dutch: ‘Geen abonnementen gevonden’)

there still seems to be a bug in the billing component concerning subscriptions…
see also

@Kodular do you agree?
PS: as workaround I can offer to use my billing extension


In one of my projects i tried also to subscribe to the test product and it gave me the same results as yours. I don’t know if it is a bug or this happens because i don’t have my app published in the play store.

@Taifun does your IAB extension works good with the subscriptions?

yes of course, see the subscription test project on my webpage to test it yourself

Created bug report. Will check into this:


I have two questions.

The problem presented here about subscriptions has been fixed?

I am experiencing the same thing, I have done several different tests with the alpha and beta version apk and I am not able to show the subscription details or successfully complete the subscription.

Even with different devices and users avoiding using the developer.

The only way to make a subscription is in test mode, but I think it has a failure, I could only do it once.

the second question.

Why is it necessary to carry out tests with a different user than the developer?

Previously you could do subscription tests with the developer account that had a duration of 5 minutes.

@Kodular might want to answer this question
for a workaround see this answer in post 5 of this thread

this actually is a question for Google… sorry, I do not know the answer…
what I can say is, that it has been always like this, see also answer no. 3 here


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I am really bored with this IAB topic, I have followed all the recommendations, I think this bug has not solved it.

so I am forced to buy an extension.

Thank you


@BukanoR from where you buy extension?

The Taifun extension, so far it’s working well for me.

Even though for me it is missing some blocks to be the best.


Thank you so much @BukanoR
I was a little confused what to do. But you clear my all confuse

This is fixed and will be available with the next update