Is it a BET APP against Google or Kodular policy?

A friend of mine is very good at betting on football.
He also has an instagram page where has collected over the years more than 95.000 followers.
He asked me to make an app that simply shows his predictions (for free and premium users) over the football matches and, inside the app, provide a button where users can click and open a WebViewer component for place the bet directly on the website (like bet365, Sisal or others…).
It seems a grate idea to me, as loads of his users will actually use the app but my question is:
Is it against Google or Kodular policy?
The last thing I want is to work hard on a project and being rejeceted!

Thank you very much for your help.

All Playstore Policies

I Think Play Store Does Not Allows Bet App
Dream11, Mpl Are Banned From Play Store These Are The Bet (prediction) Apps

Hi and thanks for your kind answers.

I have read the Google Policy but there’s nothing that concerns bet app: there’s a topic for everything like drugs,violence,s*x, weed, war, racism, and so on, but nothing on betting.

Anyone in community has had experience in this?

Are you sure? Read again…!?zippy_activeEl=gambling-apps#gambling-apps

There’s a word ‘betting’ hidden, which you will only see if you read thoroughly

There are hundreds of betting apps in Play Store and a lot of them for a long time with names like “betting tips” so it’s obvious that if it was against Googles policy they wouldn’t be there now.

For my understanding they don’t allow the actually company to provide an app that you can place bets from inside the app. They don’t say that is not allowed to provide betting tips. It’s two completely different things.

Thank you for your answer, I have read the policy in my native language and it doesn’t use the word “gambling” or “betting” at all, it defines just “games from distance”.
By the way i found a fact in contraddiction with Google Policy:

I just typed in Google Store in the research box the word “bet” and there are more than a few apps that do exactly what i’m willing to do:

and more…

Why are they allowed? (I have read loads of reviews in my language so it means people from my country had downloaded it).

Sorry for being tricky.

I believe that there are lot of conditions involved in making a bet app ( read the link to know) apart from making a betting app just because a friend advised to do so.

If you comply to those conditions (necessary) then you are good to go.

Personal opinion would be ‘NO’ because I don’t believe it’s feasible to make such app on friend’s advised. Rest is upto you. Best wishes :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you are confused. A betting app and a betting tips app are two different things. The first one let users to place bets from inside the app. This consider a gambling app. The second kind of app it just provides tips for what to bet. They not allow users to bet from inside the app.
A good privacy policy is a must of course.