Is it alright to set Negative Margin/Padding?

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I have a question in need of clarification. Does the app accept negative Margin/Padding?

I did negative margins in my app so that the UI would look better, and it actually worked. It managed to compile multiple times. But when is companion mode, the app keeps crashing and I am not sure whether it is due to the NEGATIVITY or something else.

I hope someone would be able to clarify whether the crashes are due to negative margins/padding. Thank you very much!

Zheng Xiang

Can you provide some screenshot of blocks or results

Yes you can set margin and padding in positive and negative value

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Wow thank you for that. Does this mean that something else is causing the crash?

I am using only ONE Screen, with a ViewPager component to navigate between full screen Vertical Arrangement Components which act as screens.

First View: Splash Image with app name
Second View: Main home page with more than 10 images to be loaded.

So the main reason why I used single screen and a viewpager is so that my 10 images can load in the background while user is still in the First view. By doing this, I am trying to improve user experience where they do not need to wait for images to load. (Instead it is already preloaded)

And I am thinking the other problem that crashes the companion is that too many components are running in the background? Or something along those lines~

Hope you will understand my explanation, if unclear, do ask me to clarify once more. Thank you very much!

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how do I add margins and padding to objects in using a table arrangement to allow myself to add a 6 by 3 grid to add objects but I want to reduce the padding how can I do that

Use decoration decoration component for setting margin and padding of a component

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