Is it compulsory to update app with android 11?

I want to know is it compulsory to update app with android 11, because I don’t want to update my app in play store yet.

I hope it is not compulsory to update. If any of your users are using android 10 and above and they are in situation to read the storage mean that time only it will become trouble… if you are nowhere using such thing then you are free hand. Nothing to do. Next time while you try to add update then automatically you have to consider all those things.

It’s not mandatory to update your app to target Android 11. However, it is required if you publish a new app or an update.

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No, there is no need for action for existing apps that should not be updated.

And if an update is necessary, the following applies:

If you published an app on the Play Store before Aug 1, 2021, the app does not need to target Android 11 until Oct 31, 2021. Until then you can set targetSdkVersion to 29 by editing the Manifest.

Note: In addition, the app can still be uploaded to the Play Store as an APK (even after Nov 1st, 2021).

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