Is it necessary to add privacy policy inside app?

Is it necessary to add privacy to the app? It has even been mentioned in the Play Console

Your inquiry is not entirely obvious

He (probably) means a privacy policy.

If so, then yes, it is mandatory. If you check “not adding a privacy policy at this time” your app will be suspended after a few days of it being live.

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I can’t speak for everywhere but at least in the United States a privacy policy is only mandatory if you are using sensitive permissions such as the camera. Although if you can it is best to include a privacy policy no matter what.


Adding (or emphasizing) to the main question, do we need to add the privacy policy within the app or is the one provided in the google play console enough?

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Ideally you show a screen at first launch where you tell the user that by continuing, they agree to the policy (and provide a hyperlink to the policy).

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That is the best way.
That would also be a point in which I would like to see Kodular continue to develop: OneSignal Push sends data to their servers as soon as I open the app. As a developer, I can’t put a consensus block ahead of it. It would be enough to be able to enter the app ID later.

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