Is it necessary to use the Firebase SDK in my application?

Hi guys I use FireBase and I was wondering if to use the “RealTime DataBase” it is necessary to use the SDK that FireBase gives us in its configuration for Android applications. What is the benefit of using the SDK and that it won’t work if I don’t use it in my kodular project. Will I be able to use RealTime DataBase without any problem?

To be able using firebase database, simply go to your console and copy Firebase Token, Firebase URL & Project Bucket


That’s all you need.

While using Firebase Auth needed a json file to be uploaded in your app that is given by Firebase at the time of registering your app with them.

Fore more info, please visit here

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If you want to store and retrieve values from firebase means, you needs Firebase url, web app key

If you wanna use authentication you need JSON file,it will be generated whenever you add app to the project,

Thanks for answering all my questions !! it is appreciated from the heart.


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