Is it nessesory to ask storage permission?

is it nessesory to ask or add storage permission and internet permission ? or it automatically added by it self
i just use tiny DB and some other mysql extension

If your project app needs it, then you need to ask for related permissions like internet, storage, contacts, notifications even read messages for otp etc… For just TinyDB, no need. If it’s not clear the read further.

If you are using web TinyDB (Online storage) instead of normal TinyDB (Mobile storage) then you would need internet connection all the time to store and retrieve data/values. You could ask for internet permission when app initiates.

Likewise if you want to store some bits of data into the storage, like the way you are using just TinyDB then it’s not necessary to ask storage permission but, if you want to ‘store’ or ‘get’ some large files (image, song, documents) into or from the phone’s specific folder, then you should consider asking for permissions.

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Ok thank you understand. I just use normal offline tinyDB so no need

You don’t have to ask for Internet permission… you only have to ask for dangerous permissions…



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