Is it possible in kodular to show a different content in different countries

You can use this extension by @avmcreators02
Link: - IP Tracker Extension Free Update v2

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it can track: - IP, country, street, city etc

Thank you but how can the world be viewed after you get the location

it’s only to get the location, you cant view a world using this extension

Excuse me for my bad language because I use the translator.

U can check if country = (country name here ) then show blocks according to that country and if country = (another country name ) then show ohther related blocks

Use this extension to get country
Its amazing

2nd edit

U can create templates of components and then show on requirements

For this u can use this extension

It now has become more powerful having a unique option to add a JSON template too

But u can do it with blocks as well


Use google maps to get the map

You can do this by Using this API

Response Returned JSON Formatted

Use Dictionary blocks Or JSONTools to get specific data like (Country,region)

This will reduce your work and it’s fast


Yes, but its easy if we use a extension, it is difficult for beginners to use the api and web components.


Thank you, but I’m still a freshman, so I can’t use this.

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that extension is also based

Yes that’s right

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@Abdo_Saad if your question is solved then you can tick my above answer as solution

pls tick my above answer, not this :neutral_face:

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Thank you, SaI’ll try to do that.

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if you find any problem, you can post your blocks here

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Well, I’ll do it.

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but extension will increase your app size


it is not even half a MB, its 105 KB :rofl:

Thanks for Suggesting my extension :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: