LocationSensor Extension. Accuracy. Geocoder. GeomagneticField

Hello friends,

this Extension is about:

1.- SensorLocation.

  • It uses the classes:



In those pages you can find information about:
getLatitude, getLongitude, getAltitude, getSpeed ​​(m/s), bearing, bearingTo, distanceTo, getTime and convert.

bearingTo and distanceTo refers to the Properties: LatitudeTo and LongitudeTo .

Bearing: Bearing (navigation) - Wikipedia
Bearing online: Distance direction calculating between two location on the planet directly on the map

2.- Geocoder.

Blocks: getFromLocation and getFromLocationName

adminArea, countryCode, countryName, feature, locality, phone, postalCode, premises, subAdmin, subLocality, subThoroughfare, thoroughfare, url

  • It uses the classes:



3.- GeomagneticField.

declination, fieldStrength, horizontalStrength, inclination, x, y, z

  • It uses the classe:



Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Has Officially Moved (Toward Russia):

4.- This app uses LocationSensor Extension (black text) and LocationSensor of Kodular (blue text).

On the Map Screen, the coordinates of the red dot are obtained with the Extension and those of the blue dot with Kodular.

p185C_sensorlocalizacion.aia (33.5 KB)

5.- You can also use Google Maps:

185C_sensorlocalizacion_K.aia (33.7 KB)

You can download the com.KIO4_LocationSensor.aix extension of:

Juan Antonio Villalpando.


Cool extention was created by @juananton1991. That will. Be work on offline!

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And where is your actual location in the map?

Actual position is red dot.

Why distance showing like this

DistanceTo is distance to Properties LatitudeTo and LongitudeTo in meters. It is a String.

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How can i convert it in km & the time returns in??

To km, meters/1000

time are mileseconds from 1 january 1970

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How can use this string.i mean how can i extract long & lat from this string


Sorry sorry sorry, for disturbing you again & again you are saying that distance to properties return long & lat so how can i divided long & lat from this string

what about providing an example output, so everybody could help and also those, who are not familiar with that extension?



Distance from Lisboa (Portugal) (38.707536, -9.136444) To actual Location, in meters, kilometers and miles.

LocationSensor_Extension_Distance.aia (23.9 KB)
LocationSensor_Extension_Distance.apk (5.4 MB)

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Here is the picture of the result

This problem was solved nut the last problem with time i want to make millisecond to time on this format hh:mm:ss.i tryied this but that was not working

Use Clock component with timestamp or Clock.Now

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what about providing your solution to the problem then?

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It sounds Amazing
But i have one query Is there any limit of this extension?
Mean how many requests it can handel per day?
Max limit?

There are no limits, GPS satellites are continuously sending data.

Ok got it thanks