Is it possible localize Firebase Auth errors?

Firebase auth have own error messages for special error.Like if passwords input is lower than 6 char there is a special error message for it.If email is not correct there is another special error message for it.

I want change this error messages to my own localized texts.

I can add if block to Failes block and check error messages.

If errormessage==Email not correct
notifier show alert = Email geçersiz.

I can do this but i need catch all of the error messages and create if query for each error.But if i can change error message ı just add nofier to Failes block and just use errormessage as nofier input

Notifier show alert = errormessage

Is it possible?

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You get a Toast msg if the login is not success. Test it.

Yes but i need translate text to my lang


I have the same problem… It would be very nice if we can do this like @Ali_Aydin said.

Si queres traducir los textos tienes que utilizar controles.
SI / MENSAJE = (aqui escribis el texto del mensaje)
entonces (y aqui escribis el mensaje que tu quieras)

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