Is it possible to bring the column name in the list?

I want to bring field name to the list. Is it possible?

For an example if user selects giri then it should display as(for reference I have attached the image):

Outside list:168(total)
Inside list:
Oct 2022 60
Dec 2022 30
Jan 2023 78

Note: This field name will be kept on increasing so there is no idea where it will end, so it should display all.

It seems you are calling data from airtable. Already we suggested more times to use dictionary method to split them into each list.

===>Get key value by path {make a list fields name walk at all level – this will give you name list

Do you mean “Get value at key path”?

Oh yeah!!!

If I use the below blocks I am getting an error as “undefine”.


Yes, after the files add one more block and add the required field name to get list

I am getting same error only.

If I try with this method:

I am getting different error:

Why didn’t you parse this JSON??

If I do it with JSON nothing is displaying in the application and there is no error.

I have changed but still it is the same, nothing is displayed.

See how it is obtained in my app… first one(lab2) is result of first col and later (lab1)is total value

Make sure you have initialised the global Ma variable with create empty dictionary and there is no space in the fields text it seems there is one space after the text s

This is my airtable structure

Now I got you, you have done it by knowing the column names. But my question is without knowing the column name how can I do it, I should get all the values and display it accordingly.

(ColumnName Value)
Oct 2022 60
Dec 2022 30
Jan 2023 78…Keep on going.

Oct 2022 seems to be col name or show us your airtable structure

Exactly. I need to display that too.

Every month the column will be increasing.

I understand your query now. I will reply you soon… after I test I will let you know it

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it returns column names