Is it possible to create badge in Kodular?

Lets say i want to add, Golden Tag, Silver Tag, and Platinum tag according to user rank or perfomance.

How can i do that?

Wait for Kodular Eagle’s new Play Games component, which will allow you to unlock achievements
You can configure the achievements to be stepped, so they are granted in phases


Thank you very much Diego for your reply but I am mainting my user rank from database.

Because i need to get how fast they are reacting, how much time they are taking and etc.

So it it possible??

Btw @Diego new update is Super Se Bhi Upar.

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Taifun’s image extension may help.

From App Inventor Extensions: Image | Pura Vida Apps

  1. Copy the overlay image from assets
  2. Download user picture
  3. Scale user picture exactly to overlay size
  4. Do the overlay

Warning: All of the image methods, such as Scale, Chunks or Overlay modify the source file. You may want to create a backup file.

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