Is it possible to disable all dates except some in date picker?

Hello Everyone

I wanted to know that is it possible to restrict our app users to select unwanted dates from date picker. As my app has no function/screen to show after 5 days.

I’m attaching a image for reference.

Here you will notice the app owner has disabled all dates except 3 (15/03/2021, 16/03/2021, & 17/03/2021).
Your replies will be highly appreciated.

Need this feature in my app
please reply if you have any answers

I don’t think that’s possible for now.

but we can restrict users to select predefined dates.

If the wrong date is selected, a warning will appear.
but if the selected date is correct, then user can run the application, or enabled the button and so on.

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This is not a date picker it seems… It look like dynamic components created in a multiple arrangements and shown up in custom dialogue (notifier)… I hope it can be achievable

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