Is it possible to Get Deeplink value from screen2?

I made an application with a deep link extension from @vknow360 .

I use the following block on screen 1, and it works:

But I don’t have an idea to detect deeplinks when Screen2 is open or Screen 2 is running in the background. Is there any solution for my problem? Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

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Kindly open scree2 with start value in start value socket add get start value.(this will transfer current link to screen 2 or any screen you open like that) :wink:

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Thank you for replying, but I mean deeplinks are sent when screen2 is open or in the background, not from screen1 and then sent to screen2 …

As far as i know @vknow360 deeplink extension open screen one by default, you can try what ever you are trying and good luck.
Pro tip: Try to read my reply above your last reply maybe that should help

Yes, based on the tutorial that I read only from screen 1. I tried setting the timer on screen 2 to get the value and set value to label, but it still failed. :smile: