Is it possible to know which ID is duplicate for dynamic components

I am working with Dynamic components and creating various arrangements and button. But at the press of a button i want to re-initialize everything so i thought of removing all and then adding again.

But i got a message, “this ID is already used,” but i don’t know what ID it is saying about.

Is it possible to know exact ID name.

You may want to show all blocks Cleaned up. Thx.


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You have remove all the dynamic component including the one in the arrangement.
If you receive the "This ID is already used, thats mean you haven’t remove and you use the same ID again.
You may also do in Yoshi way:

Btw, are you using the dynamic extension?

Okay i got it working, there was a logical error. I was looping with the numbers but the id’s were missing two numbers in between so those two were duplicate.

How did you do that, i’m having the smae issue, can you help me?

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Share your Blocks along with the Error.

I’m doing two “for” to get all itens from my two lists, and i’m using adynamics conmponents to make a list view, but they are two differents lists, and I’m putting one in one vertical arragement, and the other on another vertical arragement, but shows an error:" Duplicate ID: ID needs to be unique for all components
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds."

I think the problem is that each for creates a component with the same id, for example in your first for the first created component has the value of ID number 1. The same happens in your second for, the first created component has as ID value the number 1. In other words, you are going to have two components with the same ID. Try starting the second for with a high value for example 200 and I think the problem will be solved.

i have tried this,
if i have have two exactly same procedures but they are made using two different dynamic components,
they both can have same ID’s without any error.

And here,
he is also using two dynamic components Day1 and Prog1

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