Is it possible to know which ID is duplicate for dynamic components

I am working with Dynamic components and creating various arrangements and button. But at the press of a button i want to re-initialize everything so i thought of removing all and then adding again.

But i got a message, “this ID is already used,” but i don’t know what ID it is saying about.

Is it possible to know exact ID name.

You may want to show all blocks Cleaned up. Thx.


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You have remove all the dynamic component including the one in the arrangement.
If you receive the "This ID is already used, thats mean you haven’t remove and you use the same ID again.
You may also do in Yoshi way:

Btw, are you using the dynamic extension?

Okay i got it working, there was a logical error. I was looping with the numbers but the id’s were missing two numbers in between so those two were duplicate.