Is it possible to make a Quiz application by recycler ex?

Is it possible to make a Quiz application by recycler ex ? , to display the questions consecutively? Which version is better to use, count or data?

Please edit your post. Title and post are the same. Give it a meaningful title.

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ok , but i need a way to do this … icant understand how to use when any button click to get the specific true answer that user click on it !

If your search the forum you will find many examples for Quiz Apps.

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thanks i will try it now , but all of them doesn.t give a way to open the quiz offline after download it online in first time

You are using very complex structure with more blocks that’s why unable to edit your project. And your database too partially filled one which gives lot of pressure to understand your logic. First design and get ready with your database. Actually your idealogy is not a big matter to construct

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I don’t know why no one is giving me a way to display questionz in quiz sequentially (each question with its options below the previous question) and not by count.
All special users… reply to all users , but no one give me any full response or answer
Previously, it was only You and dora paz that responded, but now there is no one. Thanks for the kodular community. If there was clear guuide of how to use blocks, I would not have asked for help

Please stop spamming the forum and wait patiently for help. If someone can help you they will. Everyone here volunteers their time and expertise. If you want to make demands from people then you should offer to pay.

I think this article is for the person who wrote it and the content does not violate the privacy of the kodular community. Why do you consider it as spam ! There is no indication that you can pay to provide feedback in the kodular community


There is no need to pay, but you can choose to offer to pay someone for help (or for building extensions, apps etc). It’s entirely up to you.

Otherwise you just have to wait patiently. Hopefully someone can help you, but if not that’s too bad. As I said this is a community of volunteers, not people being paid to offer help and support.

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