Is it possible to remove the line below the text box?

When I place a text box and set it to “Read-Only” there is still a line, is there any way to remove this? In the docs and it says it’s possible to change the color of the line (i’d like to change it to #00000000, invisible) but I don’t see a block like that.

If this isn’t possible, is there maybe an alternative to just showing text without using the text box?

Thanks in advance for your responses!

Set the background colour of the textbox to white (or the colour of your screen).
Or you could use a Label to show text

(Labels are for showing text, textboxes are for editing text)

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Set the accent colour in screen properties…

Yes, that works as well. But other project fields use the accent colour too. If you’re not worried about that, then changing the accent colour is the way to go

You can remove that line by just changing the background color of your textbox to that of your layout/card in background. Hope it works for you !!

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Just make accent colour to none :wink:

@Maurits_Fokkens if Vishwas or @Mateja solutions can solve your problem, please mark them as solution. This topic is a little bit old.

Done, thanks for reminding me!

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