Is it possible to store a list in airtable?


I’m using airtable for a app, and i want to store a double list (list in a list) in the database. Does someone know how to do this? When i store the list on this way, i can’t pick something out of the list or look at the length of the list. Every time i get this error.

" The operation length of list cannot accept the arguments: , ["((0 opdracht beschrijving voor random persoon1 tussenbeschrijving random persoon2 tussenbeschrijving2 random persoon3 beschrijving na hshshs) (0 hshs random persoon1 random persoon2 random persoon3 hshs) (0 hshs random persoon1 random persoon2 random persoon3 hshs))"]
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds."

Please help me

here below are the blocks, and the structure of how the “double list” looks like.

blocks (25) blocks (24)

Where is this fitted in?

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Here is your mistake:

I think that “value” is not a list. That’s what the error message says. I don’t know because I never used Spreadsheet :grimacing:

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That is just a example of the structure of the list that i want to store. It’s not the real data. I try to store the list under the column “De game” as you can see at the block “Create row”. It’s the variable “global lijst_samenstellen”.

well yes that is true. The problem is that i try to store it as a list, but when i get the data back, it’s just some string that has the data of the list, but it’s not a list.

And this? Have you checked?

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Yes, value is not formatted as a list, but it is the list. Something is going wrong

Then this is your mistake. make it a list.

I store it as a list on airtable, but when i get it back from airtable it’s just a string with the data. So it’s not formatted as a list…

Implement blocks to convert that string to list OR change code that there is no need for list

Is there someone else that knows the solution?
Maby @Boban? :grinning:

Please do not tag people to get attention… They will see this themselves.

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Yes , there is possible to store list in airtable. See in pictures.


Can you “download block as image”? Not screenshot. Resolution is bad. Thanks for help

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Sorry for that

Split at space


This works indeed.
My solution was this.

blocks (28) blocks (27)

With this you can upload a list in a list.

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