Is it possible to trigger an event on a certain date?


I want to be able to set a date, with a Date picker, and then on that date to send an email to the user (Already having your email at registration)

I should store that date on some server and when that time comes trigger an event. But I’ve read in some forums that in Php it can’'t be done. I would need to use something in some server that is verifying that date and when it arrives to it do what I need, which is to send an email.

I’m testing on a free server (000webhost) but I can’t find the solution.

Is it possible to do this?

You can use onesignal notification, it has that option. But you may send notification, i dont know it has mail option or not

The idea of sending an email is if you uninstall the application, you might get a message remembering something …

With OneSignal you can set a notification date from a datepicker?

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I answer to myself…

It can be done with Atrigger’s Api…

you can set the date to a integer and than you check if the number you want = is the number of the currrent date. Than …

This is for time, you have to use the same, for the date.

In theory, the application reminds you of certain things. The idea is that if you uninstall the application, you will still receive reminders by email …

How do you intend to verify if the user associated with an email unistalled the app?
I didn’t know it was possible

Really I think it can not.
That’s why I wanted to add an alternative IF the user uninstalls the application…

This would be very useful but I think this is not possible :confused:

With Atrigger i can do this…

Does this work even if the app is closed in the background?

well, @pepocero said, that this (ATrigger) even works, if the app has been uninstalled…
protip: just read the posts in this thread…


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This is a site that offers an API for creating triggers. It’s external to your app, so it works even if you’ve uninstalled your app.

The operation is simple. You create an account. They give you some keys.
You can schedule a trigger to run a php file on a certain day at a certain time. Inside that php file (hosted in your server) you can put the code you need to generate what you want. In my case I used it to send an email. But you can do many more things.

You can also create that trigger by using only the API and sending the data by GET (or POST). In the documentation section they explain everything.

HI there is simple solution inbuilt in kodular that is firbase remote config firbase remote config will help you to setup your desired work on server side and best thing is that it also create caching so it can do offline also just explore it you will find solution

I done an app as you want five years ago with a trigger.
You viia php can set an email at the time and at day that you want.

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