Is it possible to use Google invisible Recaptcha?

I ask this since I have a registration system, and I want to prevent users from creating several accounts on the same day.

Why Google recaptcha?
Simple because it is more secure and avoids bots, besides giving a good user experience (It is not annoying) unless you create many accounts.

LINK: SafetyNet reCAPTCHA API  |  Android Developers (Thanks @Ka_Fa )


That is a website feature and it has nothing to do with android in any way, if you wan’t to prefent the users to register multiple times you’ll have to make your own system. One way is by checking the phone info and prevent that phone to register multiple times.
You can check the imei and other info with this useful extension:


Hi I’m Nathan, the CEO and Founder of AI Extension Hosts. As @Federico_Morrone you can just catch the IMEI using my extension. Don’t be confused :sweat_smile:, MEID and IMEI are completely the same, except MEID or IMEI has 2 things at the end removed however they still return the IMEI.

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I would not recommend to use ONLY Invisible recaptcha, as it may give false positives sometimes

On Kodular Account, I had to add normal reCaptcha as well because reCaptcha V3 was giving false positives. So, when Invisible reCaptcha raises a positive, I would recommend to show the normal reCaptcha (as it’s done on Kodular Account)

I found this:

I don‘t know if this is the same thing that was asked here… :sweat_smile:

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Exactly that is.

You can check it as solved.