Is it safe to sharing Android Keystore and MD 5 file if I sell app to anyone

I developed one app in kodular some days ago and i published it my play console but I didn’t get any revenue from my app and one person message me that he want to buy my app but he needs Android keystore and md5 certificate.

Is it safe to sharing these file when selling the app…

It can be created any risk in future.

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Sharing your Android keystore file and MD5 certificate can pose a security risk if not done carefully. These files are used to sign your app, and if someone gains access to them, they could potentially modify your app or even publish malicious versions under your name. Before sharing these files, ensure that you are selling your app through a secure and trusted platform, and consider consulting with a legal expert to draft a contract that protects your rights and outlines the terms of the sale. Additionally, it’s important to thoroughly vet the buyer to ensure they have legitimate intentions.

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Legal Expert Consulting for making draft where can I find ?

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