Is Kodular Community Allows a rhythm Game?

Hello, So I Have been playing some Rhythm games in a few days ago, so I thought that make this game on Kodular, But Many songs are played inside a rhythm game and the user is playing according to the beat of that song and As you all know that there are many songs in one rhythm game and I will not have the copyright of that many songs.

So Is Kodular Community Allows a Rhythm Game ??

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Yes, Absolutely you can make this kind of app on Kodular, But you have need to sufficient stuff knowledge to make this kind of app.

Yes you can make this rythem gamre if you have copyrights of that sons
but you can not create because you have no copyrights of them as you cleared here


But there are many such games on the play store and if the play store does not have any problem then maybe Kodular Community should not have any problem.

There are loads of Non Copyrighted Songs on the internet. How do you think youtubers still use some sort of music sounds etc without paying anyone.

from where have you get this info?

This is a Rhythm game and it,s also on Play Store

It is not fair with Song distributer companies, But if you use them in personal use or personal sharing it is fair, this is not come in public category, But when you use it on play store you can get punished by distributers.

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Friend there are many peoples that goes against the policies for their profit.
As you are saying playstore have no problem just it is unable to detect him its not mean that play store allows non copyright content


Yes, I think You Are Right Buddy

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I literally meant non-copyrighted music. Music you can use without the owner’s permission. (But i encourage to give credits somewhere)
Check out this channel if you want music without copyright licenses.

Your app will be removed when it contains prohibited content.

You agreed to the TOS when you entered the community.

I don’t know why such topics are opened when everything is clearly stated in guidelines and using someone’s work without them knowing about it or giving credits to original creator is obviously a wrong thing. I guess this the the answer to the question…
If you want to make that kind of app then you can make your own content I guess there are many apps and pc software that allow users to do so…

So a social media app will be straight up denied?
Cause you never know what is being posted.

For that there are some other guidelines. Apps and services have rules that the user needs to follow while doing any activity in their apps or services.

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