Is Kodular Platform Down?

What do you hear?

No, Kodular is working fine.

Present: Kodular is Working Smoothly

I can’t bury is on this screen
how can i proceed?

no its working fine for me , using from last 12 hours continuously

what? can’t understand

What and who can I talk to to solve my problem with kodular? I’ve done everything to get access to my projects … HELP

i think you have to clear browsing data and cache of your browser it maybe stuck on login and browser not letting you sign in, try to clear browsing data and cache

It was the first thing I did

According to this screenshot: Wifi network is available but not connected.

no not friend this is just a bug in my wifi drives but the enternet is perfect … otherwise it would show another thing like the dinosaur

try any other browser like opera or firefox,

like a cute dinosaur:laughing:
try to load the creator from here
Kodular Creator

and also try on different browser/device

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I got it, thanks friend :slight_smile:


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