Is kodular Push notification really works with OneSignal? If it works so what is the way to use it in my app?

I am trying to add push notifications to my kodular app with OneSignal but its not working. First of all I want to know that is this a bug in kodular or I am trying with wrong way.
In Short: I have firebase json file uploaded to my kodular assets and I have my firebase Server key and sender ID. I also conected my firebase with onesignal and also I added the OneSignal App ID to kodular.
I have the kodular push notification added to my app home screen but no blocks coding only I added the push notification with no blocks coding. Please help me Why my app notification not working. And Secondly When I click on check subscribers in onesignal setting it says “No subscribers” I mean OneSignal do not detect any Subscriber or users of my App in case I have the app installed and using my own app why it do not detect me as a subscriber. Please help me. what is the solution? thanks in advance.

it’s been a long time since onesignal push notifications don’t work on Kodular … it’s going to take a long time yet

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thanks I think Its a big Issue with kodular. Dear Kodular team Please do your best to solve this issue on your side thanks.

I hope kodular team fix soon cause push notification important

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