Is List View list is limited

I want to know that how many item can be added in list view because i am making an app which have 100k+ item .
But only 45k approx item are only shown in list view

Note: I call my list from firebase in CSV Row Text

Can anyone get me solution…:blush::slightly_smiling_face:

Please explain me for whatt do you need a listt with 100 000 plus. Nobody will scroll so long. WHy do you not ake a few lists and if the user click on next 10 000 then the next list will loaded.

Nobody know how much items you can use, this depends on the Images, the internet speed if you load the images from the web and how uch text one item has.

I believe you have the aanswer. You load 100 000 but you see only 45 000, i think thats the limit for you.


I have list of finance vehicle number which is more than 100k+.
I don’t know how to make load next list.
How can I increase my limit of list view
Each item in list contain minimum 10 & maximum 12 character.

Is there any other option to show whole list with search bar.

Don’t know what your app is about but even having only 100 items on the list can by pain in the b… to scroll through


Buy various grid view 4 in1
There you have a filterbar for search.
Nice help from the developer and a really usefull extension you have so lsny animation and options to personlize your list or grid view

Best extensiom for me.

Can you provide link of that extension

ALL – aix-extension i believe the last page there