Is my use of an airtable against Google policies?

I received this message from Google Play, but it is not specified in it airtable

During review, we found that your app causes users to download or install apps from unknown sources outside of Google Play, which is not compliant with our Device and Network Abuse policy:

An app distributed via Google Play may not modify, replace, or update itself using any method other than Google Play’s update mechanism. Likewise, an app may not download executable code (e.g. dex, JAR, .so files) from a source other than Google Play. Please note that you are responsible for all aspects of your app; by using an SDK in your app, you are responsible for how that SDK behaves within your app.
Apps and app listings on Google Play must not provide any means to activate or access functionality that violate these terms, such as linking to a non-compliant APK hosted outside Google Play.

@1985nageh what type of app you have on playstore ?

Books, references and educational

ok do you own all the resources used in app

Is your app downloading and installing any other app which is not available on playstore !!!

I own some and some have heritage books that are subject to the third millennium law, more than 30 years old

I think that things which are not own by you are creating a problem

My use of airtable
Only to display some news that needs to be updated or increased, but the interface is stable
I’m just checking for accuracy
And what are the limits of using airtable in applications?

The question is, is there a problem with my use airtable?
because through airtable
I add after news, photos or texts
In order not to do a new update every day

Yes that could be a problem

Don’t upload your application to the Play Store. A simple way to bypass this is posting it on the community under the #koded category. Google will only become more strict on what you can do in your applications.

@1985nageh Please Post in Right Catagorey

You Have Posted in #extensions Which for Posting Extension And Not Issues

Therefore I Have Changed The Topic Catagorey
To #extensions ----> #discuss

I never Faced issue Like this I have Used Many Time Airtable But I never Faced issue But Now Due to the 1200 Limit I use Google Spreadsheet

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dpw limit 1200 ? what is this?

It is Due Typo error @Chandan_Kumar3

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Use In app update blocks in order user to notify for updates and let them download from play store. Google never allow installation apart from play store

Total row i.e free limit is 1200 rows only

Instead you can try to use google spreadsheet as said by @Enderman

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I thought dpw is some new limit - daily hits per day types

Sorry Typo Error @Chandan_Kumar3

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Show a link to your app on Google Play please.